Real Street


New for 2017 – WDRL Real Street

Attention Late Model Muscle Racers!!

Head’s Up Racing on 17” Wheels

Do you race a Hellcat, GT500, ZL1 Camaro? Maybe a Mustang GT or C6 Corvette. How about a high powered Pro-Touring classic muscle car? With more and more cars at the track running on 17”, 18”, 20” wheels, it’s time to set up some real “Head’s Up” Racing aimed at putting these cars head-to-head on the Drag Strip.

Hooking up big horsepower on the unforgiving short sidewalls of a 17” or bigger tire is a tough challenge, and also a great equalizer. Go to the best and play with us online casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. A big bonus for everyone who came!

Add in the exciting 1/8 mile race format and fast 4/10ths Pro Tree, and we are likely to see plenty of races won by cars with hundreds of horsepower less than their opponents, by racers doing a good job of getting their car to hook up and having quick reaction times.

If you are racing at Castrol Raceway at JB’s Street Legal Friday Nights this year, don’t miss the exciting head’s up action in the new Real Street Class!    

Class Basics:

This Head’s Up race class is designed to allow drivers to take on the challenge of hooking up horsepower while running on a 17” or larger diameter wheel, running any DOT Street Tire (Including Drag Radials).

This class is primarily aimed at late model cars who run larger wheel sizes, but is open to any car running a minimum wheel diameter of 17 inches.

Cannot run quicker than 6.40 seconds in the ⅛ mile.  This is a ⅛ mile heads up class.

Race Format:

Head’s Up, 1/8th Mile, .400 Pro Tree, Courtesy Staging NOT in effect, Deep staging allowed

This will be an ALL RUN field, all First round pairings will be by random draw.  

We encourage all racers to arrive early and make test passes along with the regular Friday Night Street Legal program, depending on available time at each event. Test passes are not guaranteed, and eliminations will start regardless of if you have made any test passes that night.

Races will take place as part of regularly scheduled Friday Night Street Legal events at Castrol Raceway – schedule to be determined.

Racers can compete in the Real Street class for FREE. That’s right, there is NO ADDITIONAL cost above the regular track entry fees, and racers may still participate in the regular Friday Night Street Legal program before and after the Real Street program runs.

We will aim to begin eliminations by 8:00pm, and have finals completed by 10:00pm. This will be subject to weather conditions and car count.

Be prepared to hot lap your car. Although there may be time between rounds due to scheduling, there is NO time allotted for cool-down and maintenance….be prepared to drive straight back to the staging lanes; this should be no problem…you are driving a street car, right?  

If participation is high enough, Real Street Class will be added to selected WDRL events.

Note: Racers competing at WDRL events on Saturdays and Sundays MAY be required to run a DOT Drag Radial tire; treaded street tires many not be allowed at the discretion of the race director (this is due to treaded street tires being too hard on the starting line and effecting the track prep, which is much less of a concern on Friday nights).

Class Requirements (Rules):

Real street cars, licensed and Insured.  17″ wheel diameter or larger…..pretty much anything else goes!

Legal Tires: Any DOT legal street tire, including any DOT legal drag radial tire from such manufacturers as Mickey Thompson, Hoosier, Nitto, BFG and M&H

Model year 2008 and newer vehicles with unaltered body and supplemental restraint system (Airbags) may go as quick as 6.40 (1/8 mile), without a Roll Bar.

All vehicles model year 2007 or older must comply with all NHRA safety rules for their E/T & MPH including a Roll Bar.

Due to NHRA safety requirements for Late Model Cars, this class is restricted to ET’s slower than 6.40 (1/8 mile), sorry, you can’t put a 17” wheel on your Pro Mod and race this class…..Street Cars Only!

Note: If enough interest exists from racers with 9 second and quicker, fully caged, high powered cars who want to run on 17” wheels, we will look at setting up a second class for quicker cars – please speak up if you are interested!

This is a Trophy Class.  There will be no purse.  There may be contingency prizes available.

Facility Entry fees will be required.  This is set by the individual tracks.  These fees will be the same as the tracks regular entry fees.

Membership to the WDRL will be waived for the 2017 season.