Point Distribution System:

Member in good standing.  Final Year End Points apply to paid WDRL Members only.

All points are awarded to the driver and cannot be transferred under any circumstances.
Points are not transferable from one class to another. If the event is disrupted after eliminations of that category are in progress, those contestants unable to compete will be awarded points up to the round completed.

Pro Mod Show points. 250 points.

Points are awarded as follows: (each race)
Winner: 500 points
Runner-up: 400 points
Third round loser: 300 points
Second round loser: 200 points
First round loser: 100 points

Qualifying position earns points as follows:

#1 qualifier: 16 points
#2 qualifier: 15 points
#3 qualifier: 14 points
#4 qualifier: 13 points
#5 qualifier: 12 points
#6 qualifier: 11 points
#7 qualifier: 10 points
#8 qualifier: 9 points
#9 qualifier: 8 points
#10 qualifier: 7 points
#11 qualifier: 6 points
#12 qualifier: 5 points
#13 qualifier: 4 points
#14 qualifier: 3 points
#15 qualifier: 2 points
#16 qualifier: 1 point

In the case of a rain out and the team has checked in with the WDRL Race Director and are at the track willing and able to race.  Full show points will be awarded to competitors that have shown up to the track with car and driver.

50 points for E.T. Record (1% backup required)
Points and/or monetary awards may be withheld from any contestant who is in non-compliance with the rules of their particular class,
General Regulations or WDRL mandatory decal requirement.

Tie Breaker
In the unlikely event a tie should occur, the following procedure would be used to determine a winner.
1) Most event wins.
2) Most event runner-ups.
3) Most number of events entered.
4) Most event round wins.
Should a tie still exist after the above procedures are implemented, the tied competitors will be declared co-champions and all awards
(where possible) will be shared equally between the co-champions.