Open Comp




Drivers are welcome to compete both days, Saturday, and/or Sunday.


Handicap Start, Four 10ths Pro Tree
All Cars Must Run Between 8.50 and 13.50 Seconds

  • Four 10ths pro tree with deep staging allowed
  • No electronics allowed (cars with electronics/box must disable and/or zero out and tape over). Go to the best and play with us online casino bonus ohne einzahlung sofort 2021. A big bonus for everyone who came!
  • There will be a minimum of two time trials
  • Once time trials are complete you must set your dial-in for eliminations within 1/10th of your quickest time, ie: If your best ET was a 10.01, you must dial between 10.01 and 10.11
  • The dial-in you choose cannot change. Once you start eliminations that number is set for the day
  • Castrol Raceway, Mission Raceway- 1/4 Mile.  Central Alberta Raceway- 1/8 Mile.

All NHRA safety rules apply.  If NHRA rules are in contravention of the above rules.  NHRA rules will always supersede above rules.