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Watch Pixar’s ‘cars’ Characters Morph From Their Real Car Models

The film is directed by Brian Fee, who was a storyboard artist forCarsandCars 2. About a year ago, my 3-year-old son would watch Frozen and Moana with fervor. One particular dreary afternoon I could simply not “let it go” any longer and I put Cars on. His favorite thing to do is sprint around the house after dinner while my wife and I wave a checkered flag that he took upon himself to construct. Over the weekend I ripped apart a Brio train and donated the chassis to a Lightning McQueen Hot Wheels car so the little racer can compete against Shinkansen bullet trains in our living room. Over the past week, Disney has released a bunch of new images, character banners, 3d turnarounds and character bios from Pixar’s upcoming Cars 2.

Off Road Racing McQueen has an off-road racing suspension and racing tires to tackle unstable terrain as well as two sets of rally headlights on his hood and roof. His paint job has a different shaped 95 in yellow and a white lightning bolt design on his sides. His exhaust pipes were moved to the back with this mode. For the final race against Chick Hicks at the Radiator Springs Speedway, Lightning McQueen get modified specially for this event. Speedway McQueen is his fastest of his previous upgrades. His custom upgrade is an extremely aerodynamic design with side air intakes on his front and an extra air intake on his rooftop.

A Pixar team also traveled to the automotive mecca of Detroit to see how cars are designed and assembled from the ground up. Pixar artists used thousands of still photos and hours of car footage to give Cars the level of detail it would need on the big screen. With a cast made entirely of cars, the world of Cars required a lot of road. Fast-track motor speedways would provide some of the pavement, but the story needed a sleepier locale.

Lightning McQueen has featured in two blockbuster movies two cartoons and several games. He is a fast racing car that just needs to learn some life lessons before he makes it big. He is voiced by Owen Wilson in the two movies and the original spin off game.

Miss Fritter is a big fan of Lightning McQueen and she was very happy to see him after his disguise came out. Miss Fritter is then seen cheering for McQueen and Cruz, watching the Florida 500 on TV. River Scott (voiced by Isiah Whitlock Jr.), a grey and black 1938 Dirt Track Racer, is a Piston Cup Series racer from the 1950s where Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez meet in Thomasville. River Scott came from modest beginnings, but he always made the very best of what he had.

When they’re not chewing weeds in the fields, they’re wreaking havoc in town, driving Frank, their chaperone, red with anger. But when it comes down to it, there’s nothing Michael loves more than spending time with his family. Tex has been Dinoco’s team owner and talent scout for over 20 years. Sure, he’s a smooth-talker from the Lone Star State, but he’s also a genuine guy with a big heart. He knows it takes more than flash and big talk to win — it takes loyalty, smarts and a lot of hard work.

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