Motors 3 Cast and Persona Companies

Alpine Cars

In one of my favorite books, The Jealous Kind, by James Lee Burke, the author spins the story of Aaron Holland Broussard, a teenager growing up in 1950s Houston. Cars are used extensively throughout the book, and nearly always are a signal of class distinction, pitting the book’s protagonist against a series of bad men, from the wealthy elite to the mob. With a car, you can go places you’ve never gone—and meet people that you would otherwise never meet.

He speaks with a Carolina accent and resembles a 1975 Cadillac Coupe de Ville at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo. Unlike Lightning’s agent (Harv, who doesn’t watch the race), Tex is an avid race fan who would never miss a race. As a supportive and long-time friend of both Lynda and “The King”, he has been a loyal fan of “The King” for many years and boasts that The King “has made Dinoco proud”. Jae is a South Korean grey Next-Gen racer modeled like George New-Win with his spoiler, wheel rims, and other designs painted royal blue. He was seen wearing a virtual reality headset before bumping into Sudeep.

The leader of the gang, Boost does not suffer from the lack of self-esteem. Equipped with a neon under-car kit that lights up his whole body, Boost can impress any car on the road with the flip of a switch, including himself. His doctor and lawyer friends at the country club thought he was crazy, but the studying paid off. He uses his vast knowledge of physics to cheat the wind and outmaneuver his fellow racers, who affectionately call him “The Professor.”

The first one has a white line across the top of his body. The second has white, gray and black diagonal lines across the sides. The fourth has a gray shape that seems to resemble a scratch on the sides. All four of these cars are playable in Cars Race-O-Rama except for the PS2 version where you only play as one. Unlike Candice, El Machismo and Stinger, they do not apologize to McQueen for their previous behavior. Kurt is a Next-Gen model similar to Cam Spinner painted chrome and purple with 012 as his trainee number.

Fishtail is a grey demolition derby car with blue and orange decals. His racing number is 96 and his sponsor is “Wild Bill’s Racing Cones”. He knocked out Pushover, causing him to flip and land on top of Arvy, and was last seen with Broadside before Faregame and Dr. Damage are eliminated.

Count Spatula , is a tough monster truck racer painted grey, and has several modifications, including two engine blocks and 12 pipes that release fire. He has large tires and two horns that are similar to Sulley’s. He often shouts food related threats to his opponents, including flattening them like a pancake. Count Spatula might also be a reference to Count Dracula because of his razor sharp fangs for his teeth making him almost like a vampire. Zeke is painted white with a faded blue line at the center and the number 75 on his sides in blue and number boards. He is usually one of the fastest cars in the Rustbucket races often finishes on the podium.

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