Drag Racing

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Drag racing or street racing is a form of motor sport in which motorcycles or cars race, generally two on a side, to reach a specific finish line. Many people consider drag racing a low cost way to improve your driving skills. The racing can be very fast and the participants are often seen in high speed action movies such as "High Impact".

Drag Racing was first started in Britain in the 1920s. Since then it has spread across the world. Drag racers do not normally stop in between laps but just go faster. When the finish line appears, the cars have to go through a series of turns to complete the course. There is usually no safety net or protective barriers in place to protect the racer.

Drag racers are sometimes referred to as drag queens or drag champs. They use their vehicles' horsepower to gain an advantage over other racers. They generally go to the track well prepared and use the techniques of the game to increase their speed and maneuverability. They are known for their aggressive attitude and they sometimes have little regard for other drivers.

Drag Racing was originally used in Britain as a means to improve drivers' driving skills. Today drag racing is becoming popular in many countries around the world. Drag Queen and drag racer have become a common name for people who participate in this competitive activity. It can be quite dangerous if done incorrectly.

Street racers race against each other on public roads or tracks, often with little protection. Most races happen on public roads in residential areas, streets, and parking lots. It is usually illegal to race on public roads. Street racers often follow closely behind slower competitors, following along at speeds less than half of what a professional racer may use. When they reach the finish line, they sometimes try to overtake the leader to get to the front.

Drag racers typically use several tricks, such as using their car's power to gain a speed advantage, changing lanes, or even driving in reverse to maneuver the competition. The more tricks the driver knows the better he/she will be able to maneuver and perform them during the race.

Drag Queens can be competitive, outgoing, and very fast. They can be competitive or they can just be "one of the girls". Some drag racers will race as a team.

Street racers will typically use more expensive and faster cars to get ahead of their competition. There are more street racers then drag racers in major NASCAR races, but the amount of both street racers and drag racers is growing every year.

Drag Racing is more like a sport and is not really designed for competition. It is more like a hobby and drag racing shows off someone's unique personality and may also make people laugh.

Drag racing is a competitive sport that involves a lot of running, weaving and maneuvering. Many times drag racing can lead to injuries. It's considered a dangerous sport and those who participate in it need to be in great health.

Drag Queens or drag racers compete in two different categories, or levels. One level involves a drag strip and another involves a drag track. Drag strip racing is much like street racing in that the competition takes place on a limited number of roads. This includes highways and freeways.

Drag Queens usually wear their most expensive clothing and take special care when driving in a strip. Drag Queens also spend a lot of time practicing and are well-prepared for races and may even drive around with a GPS to keep track of their position on the track.