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See The Voices Behind Your Favorite ‘cars’ Characters

The filmmakers found it on Route 66, the fabled highway where American car culture took off in the 1950s. When the highway was replaced by the federal interstate system, hundreds of towns virtually fell off the map. Currently the number 3 is driven by Austin Dillon with Richard Childress Racing and the 9 is used by Hendrick Motorsports’s Chase Elliott in the NASCAR Cup Series. The number 113 is a Pixar gag to the call sign A113 which featured by almost every Disney-Pixar film. A black racer appeared in the movie and it is unknown who he/she is.

Gale Beaufort is Jackson Storm’s hauler and painted in the same livery as him. Like Storm, she has working laser headlights and taillights. Gale Beaufort represents the pinnacle of next-gen transporters. Whenever she isn’t on the road, she’s buffing and shining her glossy black paint. Jackson Storm wouldn’t have it any other way, as he only wants the best for his racing team. Cal Weathers (voiced by real-life driver Kyle Petty) is a new Dinoco racer.

The story was deemed too slight to carry an entire movie, but the small-town setting remained an inspiration. Zachary Berry currently resides in the Dayton, Ohio area. However, he enjoys traveling from place to place, as he was born in Oklahoma City and has also lived in Albuquerque and Orlando .

He resembles Mater greatly, in fact, Mater disguises as Ivan in order to infiltrate a Lemon crime meeting. He later awoke and captured Holley and even intercepted Mater before he can warn Lightning McQueen about the truth of Allinol. In the end, he is defeated by Mater and arrested alongside the other Lemons.

Van and Minny reappear near the end of the second film. While Minny is mesmerized by Mater’s spy story, Van does not believe one word of it until British agent Holley Shiftwell arrives to confirm it, which surprises Van, leaving him mesmerized by her and annoying Minny. In the final scene, when a rocket-propelled Mater rushes past Van, maps that Van was carrying are sent flying. Both are equipped with car alarms, which they arm after their encounter with Lightning McQueen when he begs them to call for help .

He has a sticker on his rear that says “I brake for Jackalopes”. The jackalope is a mythical creature which features in the theatrical short Boundin’, shown with The Incredibles. As voiced by George Carlin, Fillmore’s voice is similar to “Al Sleet, the hippy-dippy weatherman”, a part of Carlin’s comedy routine in the 1970s. Ramone reappears in Cars 2, making a few appearances in the Radiator Springs scenes, though he joins everyone else to help McQueen in England. In the melee scene, Ramone disables one of the lemon cars by spray painting into the car’s eyes, blinding him.

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