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Lynda Weathers, also known as “Mrs. The King” (voiced by Richard Petty’s wife Lynda Petty), was a 1974 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon who brought the Petty family to “The King”‘s races during the 1970s. Like Tex, Lynda followed each race from a Dinoco VIP booth, rooting for her husband. Throughout the film, she was constantly shown supporting her husband and she worries deeply when he got kicked and wrecked by Chick Hicks. After the race, while Chick Hicks is booed for wrecking her husband and fakely winning the Piston Cup, she kissed Lightning on the cheek and tells him thanks for helping her husband finish his final race. On the final lap of the tie-breaker race, Weathers demonstrates good sportsmanship by not trying to get past McQueen all while keeping Hicks from doing any harm to the rookie. Hicks, in a final attempt to try to win the race, rams into Weathers, sending him into a dangerous rollover.

Harv (voiced by Jeremy Piven in the U.S. version, The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson in the UK version) is Lightning McQueen’s agent. Never seen on-screen, McQueen speaks to Harv via his speaker phone when McQueen and Mack are en route to the tiebreaker race and again when Mack is in Radiator Springs to pick up McQueen. Consequently, very little is known of Harv’s character except that he threatened to fire Mack if he doesn’t get McQueen into his trailer.

And Tex ought to know; he started Dinoco with just one tiny oil well, and now he runs the largest oil empire in the world. Red may not be a fire truck of many words, but what he doesn’t say he shows through his generous actions. Whether it’s putting out a tire fire or caring for the beautiful flowers in town, Red is there to support and protect his beloved town. Snot Rod is an early ’70s muscle car and a member of the car gang. With massive rear slicks and a protruding blower, Snot Rod has developed a sneezing problem that gets him into trouble.

He was also the first racer to be struck by the Lemons’ electromagnetic pulse emitter forcing him to DNF the Tokyo race in the World Grand Prix. According to his specs, his engine is a DOHC V-8 with 570 horsepower. This gives him the same performance as Jeff Gorvette, being able to accelerate to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, and reach a top speed of 200 mph. However, this would only suggest that Miguel is generally faster since he is using less horsepower to reach 200 mph. In the beginning of the film, he is seen by McMissile talking to Professor Zündapp about the camera. In the bathroom, Rod takes off his Rex Gremlin disguise so Finn and Holley can recognize him.

Lizzie, reminiscing, describes him as having been “an awfully persistent li’l bugger for a two-cylinder”. Although dead, Stanley continues to exert an influence on the town, particularly over Lizzie, who often talks to his statue in memory of him. He only makes a small appearance at the airport crying as he sees Team McQueen taking off for Tokyo, also in the battle against the Lemons, where he arrives just in time to blast some of the Lemons away with his fire hose. Sarge reappears in Cars 2, using assistance from the British Army to aid in the melee against the Lemons.

With so many iconic characters from the Cars franchise, The News Wheel staff has decided to determine what kind of cars the cars from Cars are. Earlier this year, Disney and Pixar released the final entry in the Cars trilogy, the aptly-namedCars 3. While the Cars franchise of films has not always been seen as the most critically-acclaimed project in Pixar’s impressive portfolio, it has resulted in a new generation of young automotive enthusiasts. In 1947, Smith drove down from Greenville, South Carolina, to watch the races on Daytona Beach.

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